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Communication of the meaning source of language text by means pf an equivalent target language text is known as translation. The source language that is the words, grammar, or syntax is introduced by the translator to get the equivalent target language. He or she should have knowledge of the language so as to communicate effectively. Knowledge of the source language and the target language is very important so as to enhance or better the communication process. From having good knowledge one should be able to relate correctly so as to yield positive results. Another quality the translator should possess is excellent command of the language into which they are translating. This guarantees a yield of productivity.

Different languages have etymological and idiomatic expression that may correlate that is why a good translator needs understanding. To metarphrase is to translate literally and when the translator is able to interlink all this, the translation process is an enjoyable one.

Culture is a wonderful heritage to grow and dwell in and having a bit of it as a translator makes you more connected to the language of interest. Language is indeed very interesting to learn as evokes new ideas, new spirits, new words and thus may take up to even a lifetime while studying it. New vocabulary always coming into place and the old ones being forgotten.

Fidelity and transparency are important aspects to translation. For fidelity it dwells more on its literary qualities, social and historical context. From the concepts of fidelity and transparency the birth of equivalence has come to be. This could be at the expense of literality, original sememe and word order that is the source text active versus the passive voice. Formal and dynamic equivalence represent a spectrum of translation approaches. Its not a one year thing or a two but some several years that are all worthwhile in the end. Translation involves a lot of choice making which is a necessity. It is a great concern to translation as translators may assume a lot.

Content management systems should be set up a multilingual sites and configure the translation accordingly. It is from here that website translations work best with exported files that can be handled with various translation tools. An example of the translation tool is the memo Q. In order to draw in customers these firms have taken advantage of websites to advertise and engage . These sites contain information about the services offered by the company. Translation of languages is very specific as one could choose from. Clients are able to comment on the quality of the services acquired. It is through these websites that a company is able to display its services and the unique features of the service.

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